Epoxy Powder Coatings

Epoxy Powder Coatings

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Epoxy powder coatings are functional products which are formulated to give the coating films with high adhesion, hardness and excellent resistance to chemical agents, fuels and lube oils.

General Features:

Epoxy Powders are combination of pure epoxy resins cross-linked with proprietary hardeners. They are having excellent coating properties and are available in a wide range of brilliances..

Advised Cycles

The surface to be coated must be cleaned from oils, grease or flash rust.

Curing Temperature

The curing schedule is 10-15 minutes @180- 200ºC metal temperature.

Handling and Storage

Store in a cool and dry place at a temperature lower than 30°C. Higher temperature may damage the chemical and mechanical properties of the powder


This chemistry of powder coating finds its applications where maximum corrosion and chemical resistance is required. These are ideal for indoor applications and away from direct sunlight. The coating is smooth with no orange peel.

It is always recommended to use a top coat with transparent powders on the top of the metallic powders. The top coat prevents oxidation of the metallic pigments of the base coat thus enhancing the life of the coating.

Automotive components, metal cabinets, tool boxes, bathroom fittings, power tools, wire goods, electrical enclosures, hospital equipment, office furniture, oil filters, shelving, Safety equipments, coatings for pipes, ceiling panels, hardware fixtures, fire extinguishers, sports and recreation equipment, hand and power tools, brass plumbing and hardware fixtures, tool boxes, fire extinguishers, safety equipment, appliances etc

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