GYM Equipment Coating Powder

GYM Equipment Coating Powder

We are having a large number of satisfied customers manufacturing Gym Equipment. Our vast customer range includes customers manufacturing Gym Equipment like Bench Presses, Pull Down Machines, Chest Presses, Tread Mills, Multigyms, Ellipticals, Gym Bikes, Rowing Machines, etc.,

We are a highly trusted brand who offers a wide range of well established powder coatings solutions from our nivera Coat range of products. We have a wide variety of EP – Epoxy Polyester (Hybrid), PP - Pure Polyester, Pure Epoxy & PU powder coatings. Powders are available in Various gloss levels like Glossy, Semi Glossy, Egg Shell and Matt Finishes. These products are also available in various finishes like structure, texture, metallic, hammertone, antique, etc.,

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