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Coating Powder Products


Epoxy Powder Coatings

Epoxy powder coatings are functional products which are formulated to give the coating films with high adhesion, hardness and excellent resistance to chemical agents, fuels and lube oils.

epoxy polyester coating powder

Epoxy-Polyester Powder Coatings

Epoxy-polyester powders are general purpose coatings and used most extensively in the powder coating industry due to their versatility aspects..

pure-ployester coating

Pure-Polyester Powder Coatings

Pure Polyester powders are extensively used for industrial use where the requirement is good for atmospheric conditions. These powders have excellent light and weather fastness ..

polyurethane coating

Polyurethane Powder Coatings

Polyurethane powders have excellent flow characteristics with excellent chemical and mechanical properties.Outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent external..

superdurable powder coating

Superdurable Powder Coatings

Super Durable powders have outstanding corrosion resistance and excellent external exposure properties. make them suitable alternative to polyester powders.