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Nivera Coat paint manufacturing company is a dynamic organization with competent management which is market oriented and committed to quality in product and customer support. The company's business philosophy is continuing improvement in all aspects from Product Quality to total customer satisfaction.

We have been in business for over 18 years and operate at the forefront of our industry. What drives us to succeed is delivering a high quality product that exceeds our customers’ expectations and is of the very highest quality finish.

Efficient quality control is of critical importance to the success of the Nivera Coat manufacturing operation.

Nivera Coat paint coating, powder coats, epoxy coats, epoxy powder coat and epoxy polyester are superior than other in the following properties.

Our Shades of Coulor Code

Nivera Coat

Efficient quality control is of criticalimportance to the success of the Nivera Coat manufacturing operation.The company has been implementing ISO 9001: 2008.





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